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Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'll Have a Double Shot

On this particular episode of Judge Judy these room mates leave the home they share to party, buy they're already drunk when they leave the house.
If this is the starting point things can only get worse an they do.

First Judge Judy questions the plaintiff and during this process we find that she leaves the house drunk with two men that she doesn't even know and is taking them to an unknown destination to purchase drugs she thinks as revealed buy the defendant. Physical harm and abuse of a twenty year old female out at midnight with two unknown males is a common theme amongst the annals of crime scene reports but drugs make you do things you would not normally do.
In this scenario as luck would have it she never made it to the next destination due to her car being totaled along the way, which in this case may have been a good thing for her.

So after wrecking her car she calls her room mate ( defendant ) to pick her up and they proceed to go to the party, at this time remember they are both drunk.
They do make it to the party buy now they decide to go back home and party there and once again the plaintiff is in a car with 3 people, buy this time she may know the first name of one of the occupants so now she is home partying with at least two strangers.

The room mate also wants to go home but there is a dispute in the parking lot and she has her foot run over as she exits a moving vehicle. She is taken to the hospital and once there she calls the defendant to come and get her, when she arrives at the hospital the two if them begin to argue because the defendant left the strangers alone in the house they are renting.

The defendant claims that during this altercation at the hospital she was physically injured and required hospitalization and presented Judge Judy with photos of herself lying on a ambulance stretcher with bandages and a neck brace that someone would wear after receiving a neck injury in an auto accident. She accused the defendant and her sister of beating her and causing the injuries.

During further questioning the plantiffs' responses of I don't remember were enough for Judge Judy to dismiss the charges and chastise the plaintiff for getting behind the wheel of a car under the influence of alcohol or any other drug at her young age. In the end the plaintiff had to reimburse the defendant half of the rent she paid since the plaintiff moved out owing her portion of the rent. DRUNKS GONE WILD

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cheap Flights - Cheaper Hotels

Today another lady steps up to the plate financially, but is left at the gate. This seems to be a relationship (booty call) that just went wrong.

The female plaintiff plans a 4 day vacation with the 2 defendants who are brother and one of her girlfriends. After the plaintiff finds what she thinks is a great deal, she informs the brothers and directs them to the vacation website for their final approval. After receiving the OK to proceed with the purchase of the package deal the plaintiff charges the whole trip on her credit card with the understanding that she will be reimbursed by the brothers.

Normally these situations result in friends going on trips and disagreeing on which individual did not pay their equal share of the additional expenses, but not this time.

After the plaintiff pays for the flight and hotel on her credit card these two clowns don't even show up for the flight. The ultimate no show, that is cold and makes for a disappointing vacation.

Judgement for the plaintiff - STEP OUT!

Monday, October 24, 2011


This episode, and I do mean episode of Judge Judy was unbeliveable. We have two grown ass women texting and fighting like they are MMA cage opponents but with and opening presentation simlar to the WWF. I'm talking about two white 30-something married women with jobs and teenage children throwing down over a $20 meal.

Here is the senario, a group of neighbors who frequently meet at each others homes and eat out together as families go out one evening, Wendy's (Windy) daughter's meal money comes up missing (if she ever had any), some one of the other parents offers to loan the money for the meal. (First of all someone should have stayed home with their broke behind.) Now, when the time comes to collect the loan the debtor (Windy) sends her husband to throw the parent and her daughter out of their house with obsenties to reinforce the point.

The parent now sends Windy a text message to question the reception she received at her home. The parent is at a neighbor's house sending the text messages as she and Windy exhange text insults. But guess what, "Windy don't play that," so like the wind she hauls ass down to the neighbor's house and like the wind burst into the rear patio door and begins to whup that ass. Tearing up the neighbor's house in the process, fighting all the way back outside and throwing the parent off the deck, and whooa she ain't done yet, now she really wants to embarass the parent by attempting to drown her in a baby pool. After Windy gets through playing "How Many Ways Can I Whup Up On You" , the parent's daughter finally gets up the nerve to play life guard and not let her mother be drowned. The daughter interrupted the drowning but she then gets "pimp slapped" (is that all you got) and the whupping continues I guess until Windy gets winded (she is 37 you know).

So, Ms.Wendy tells the Judge that some of her rage comes from drinking but she has stopped since the incident, other than the five beers she had the night before last. WHAT! well you are still drinking you NUT.

Additionally, the questions reveal Windy has other assualt charges from other neighbors. I don't know if anyone else noticed but Windy came to court touting her "GUNS", with a sleeveless blouse probably ready for another fight. This grown woman fighting and intimadating her neighbors is funny, you noticed as I told the story the neighbors house she barged into never intervened or maybe that was because Windy brought along her 20 something nepew as back-up. So Ms Wendy is establishing a family tradition, we running this shit!

The only problem is as Judge Judy always says, let the judicial system handle your legal problems and don't try to enforce them yourself, hence Windy (Wendy) will need to fly like the wind and get another job to pay thousands of dollars for medical bills and damaged furniture.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't Mess Wit (wet) The DO

People will sue you for just about anything, this case has a parent attempting to sue another parent that gave her daughter a pool party. After hearing Judge Judy question the teenagers who attended the party and the parent present at the time they should be thanking their luck stars no one drowned since I did not hear anything about a lifeguard on duty which should be the first thing you do when you invite large numbers of people to a pool. So as an ex-guard if every your child asks to attend a pool party if there isn't a guard on duty do not let him or her attend. We had an incident in my area where a pool party was given and the homeowner didn't hire a lifeguard but instead hired 3 security guards. Here is where their lack of training cost a young man his life, someone called emergency services but when then arrived the security guards went to check the pool and returned to the EMS, no problem found so the EMS left, buy at the end of the party a young man in his twenties was found in the pool drowned. So take it from a old lifeguard if their isn't a trained guard on duty keep your babies home.

Now back to the case, these teenagers are throwing water and horse playing when it escalates to pushing each other into the pool fully clothed. The plaintiff wants to sue another teen for pushing her daughter into the pool ruining her iPod and for the money she spent to have her daughters hair done, but after carefully questioning and also calling  one attendee to the party at home from the court it was revealed the the plaintiffs daughter actually pushed to other teenagers into the pool first and GET THIS, she wasn't even invited to the party she rode in on another teenagers invitation. WHAT! Case Dismissed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Driving My Parents Crazy

Today Judge Judy had a case where a fifteen year old boy purchased a car, that's right fifteen years old.

This kid stole a check from his parents check book, misled an employee of a car lot where he previously worked part time, that his mother was purchasing the car for him. Not only did he get possession of an auto, he even loaned the car to friends and one of his friends caused the car to be impounded and the scam was exposed since the title had not been changed the authorities contacted the owner for impound charges, the owner then contacts the mother and to the owners surprise the mother is clueless.  Now the scheme is exposed but the mother does not want her son arrested for forgery and passing her check, so the shop owner says they agree not to involve the police in the matter and he can keep the $600 deposit the son paid with her check.

With this verbal agreement the defendant didn't have a leg to stand on, not only was his defense inadequate Judge Judy informed the owner of the car that he assumed an enormous financial risk by allowing a minor with who he can not enter into a legal contract, that had the minor been involved in an accident that he would be responsible financially and could have also been sued by the parents if he had been injured. So in this case both the son and the owner used bad judgement buy the owner was the only one in this case that had to pay.
Judge Judy order the owner to return the $600 down payment.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daddies Boy

This is the case of a father being a sugar daddy to his son or just being a loan shark. The father is suing his son for an unpaid loan, through questioning it is revealed that the father has made several substantial loans to his adult son, has rolled loans into other loans but the terms and rate of interest are never discovered. It seems as though the father is just being helpful or is he enabling his or maybe keeping him in just enough debt that he has to keep coming back.
What raised my attention was that the father said that the son applied for another loan but he denied him the loan because THE NUMBERS DIDN'T ADD UP.
To me this doesn't sound like I asked you for a loan as my dad, it sounds like my loan application was submitted to the bank board and after a review of my application at this time we are not able to approve your application, this decision was based on information gathered for your credit report and a review of your financial situation. After getting a response like that from my father I would have to go outside and check my location to make sure I was still at home and not in a bank boardroom. The father appears to have wanted to help he son as most fathers should but there was nothing fatherly about the process or the repayment, this was very formal and regimented.

Now, the son doesn't escape scrutiny, here we have a twenty four year old whose still dependant on dad. It was hard to determine if dad was trying to keep his son depending on him or if the son was prostituting his relationship with his dad to keep getting money from him since the son made several references to is dad not being there for him as a child or once saying he's no longer my father to the judge.

Now lets get to the meat of this case, the father is seeking a judgement for an unpaid loan that the son refuses to pay, the son refuses to pay because the father will not give him another loan which the son says they could combine the two together then he could pay back the new loan and get his townhouse.
TOWNHOUSE? Why should your father be responsible for paying your deposit on a townhouse Judge Judy asks?
The son response is, because he put me out!
This kids mind works in reverse, the father puts him out because at his age he and his adult brother who also live in the house with the father are continually in the house having fist fights. So for some reason that was never revealed this is the son that was asked to leave, had he put them both out the loan review board would have to review another application for the brother also which would mean the credit rating of the entire family might take a hit and substantially reduce the fathers ability to bring in capital at reduced corporate rates thereby forcing him to charge higher rates to all loan applicants to off set the increase borrowing rate the bank now has to pay. ( Wall Street Speak )
After refusing to allow the son to defend his actions with childhood accusations he is ordered to repay the loan.  Judgement For Plaintiff